Mizuki Motor Corporation (pvt) Ltd was established in 2015 and is specialized in assembling motor vehicles and importing of special project cars. We are importers of renowned vehicle brands that caters to both our customers and corporate clients. The company operations cover research, production and sales of motor cars and commercial vehicles.

We are also engaged in fabricating and designing Ford formula (single sitter) chassis and body. Mizuki Motor Corporation is further specialized in the production of group A sports cars. Our expertise also ranges from small to heavy vehicle production with unique features such as four-wheel steering, rolling chassis, soft top etc. exclusively designed and fabricated in Sri Lanka.

Presently, we import a minimum of 600 vehicles annually and aspire to increase this fleet of importing all sorts of vehicles in the coming future. The automotive industry in the island is experiencing a rapid growth. Mizuki Motor Corporation is in the process of redefining itself for the future and aspires in playing a fundamental role in moulding the developments and transformations in the industry.

In the recent past, the company successfully attained the licence to carry out functions of Complete Knocked Down (CKD) and Semi Knocked Down (SKD). Mizuki Motor Corporation takes initiative to perform such functionalities to ultimately assemble and manufacture vehicles within the island.


To become a globally recognized vehicle brand that gives
our valued customers a competitive edge by creating a sustainable value.


To create an outstanding automotive value for our customers by ensuring safety,
quality and efficiency that supports their transportation needs.


Dedication, Innovation, Expertise and Efficiency
are the pillars of Mizuki Motor Corporation.

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